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Hi, I’m Clint Pidlubny.

This is where I write about things I think about and like. I love to share books that I’ve read, music that I listen too, travel stories and just about anything else that pops into my head. I can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter. This is where you can follow what I listen to on Apple Music. If you want to contact me directly, you can email <firstname @ this web site>.

I am a backpack patch wearing Canadian, who lived in the US for 16 years before moving to Munich, Germany for the last 3 years. For the past 5 years I have been working for Allianz, one of the oldest and largest insurance companies in the world. Age and size are generally followed by the need to modernize, so my focus both in the US and now in Germany has been to help digitalize our business.

I have been working on digitalization in one form or another since the late 90s. My first job in technology was for a SEO company. Back in those days it was Yahoo!’s world and we just lived in it. We built tools for our customers to be able to track their search engine results. This is where I witnessed a shift for the advertising business. Our savviest customers realized that a web site was not enough – I built those too – but that the search engines were the key to driving low cost traffic.

When I moved to the US in 2001, I started work for the State of Minnesota. There I democratized the state labor market data by making it easily available to all on the web. I spent 6 years building applications that made the vast amounts of data queriable by all who needed it. This was a very formative period for me. I developed deep database skills, learned how to build web applications for performance and because I was essentially a tech team of one, I was forced to work closely with customers, focusing on building value. I learned the value of fast feedback, iterative development and small deployments.

Throughout my career I have continued to seek new challenges. Sometimes those come in the form of new technical problems to solve or trying new technical solutions to solve old problems or moving into completely new roles. I have continued to progress from developer to architect to leader. Whatever the role, I thrive on finding difficult to solve problems and working closely with customers to find the best solution.

I have an opinion on most things.