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Don’t call it a comeback

Time to resurrect the blog.  I have too much I want to share. Twitter is a good outlet for my day-to-day blathering, but I need a forum that will give me more room to stretch my prose.

I don’t want to say that this will be directionless, but at this point I’m not positive what the direction will be; I have a lot of interests. I’m a software consultant who is always learning, an investor who is always investing, a husband who is always making dumb mistakes, a traveler who is never traveling enough and I love most things web related. So that’s a taste of what you can expect me to write about, but I won’t be limiting myself. When the mood strikes, that’s the direction I’ll be heading. The site will be a work in progress for a short-time while I try to get it all setup, but I’ll be writing along the way.

My promise is that I’ll be posting minimally twice a week (Sunday and Thursday). Putting this promise out there is something that will keep me motivated. So follow along.

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