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For Sale

All items for sale below are tested and in working order, as I tried to show in the photos, but are sold as is. I take good care of my electronics. Contact me via email if you’re interested.

Click here for TiVo Roamio Plus details. Click here for TiVo Mini details.

42″ Panasonic Viera Plasma TV – $125

I am selling our 42 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma TV, circa 2007. It still works great and has a very good picture. It is very heavy. Probably 75 pounds. We don’t use it anymore. Click here for the product details.

Denon Home Entertainment Receiver – $75

This receiver works great, we just don’t use it so someone else should get some pleasure from it. Denon AVR-391 5.1 Channel receiver. Click here for the details here. It would pair perfectly with my full surround speakers found below.

JVC Home Entertainment Receiver for Sale – $75

This receiver works great, we just don’t use it so we want someone else to get enjoyment from it. JVC RX-8010V 5.1 Channel receiver. Perfect for multi-channel home entertainment system. Click here for full details.

Pairs perfectly with the speaker set that I am also selling below.

Paradigm Surround 5.1 Speakers – $225

Paradigm is a Canadian company that makes mid to high end speakers. These are on the mid range side of things. Two speakers for the front (Focus v3), a center channel (CC-70) and two rear speakers (ADP-70). I am also selling my subwoofer Pinnacle powered Sub, rounding out the full 5.1 sound system. It’s a great sounding set of speaker for movies or music. I’m selling because we don’t use them any more. These will pair nicely with one of my receivers that I’m selling above.

One thing to note, one of the rear speakers (ADP-70) fell and the speaker cover broke off. The speaker still sounds fine, but it doesn’t look perfect. It’s a great deal for the entire set. See the Home Theater Fi description of similar Paradigm speakers.