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Hiring should not be a game

The guys over at Basecamp have the right perspective when it comes to hiring practices. Transparency.

Remember, I’m looking to to hire someone to work with, not work against. Starting things out with “look what we got away with!” seems like a terrible start to what hopefully develops into a wonderful, long-term working relationship. Leverage need not apply.

Just look at a job posting if you need further proof.

I have interviewed hundreds of people, mostly developers, over my career. Truly, I wanted candidates to be successful and be a great fit for my role. Interviewing and hiring was one of the least favourite parts of being a manager. But I’m also guilty of playing games, sometimes because of corporate HR hiring policies, but also because of personal bad practices.

Hiring is one of the most important parts of being a manager and no company where I’ve worked takes it as seriously as they should. I’ve never had an employer offer to train me in good hiring practices. I’m not even confident that they know what good hiring practices are. All hiring should end in a win win scenario, but that is not generally how it is treated at most companies. Our goal is almost always get the best employee for the least salary possible. That’s not a good start to a working relationship. Time to change the game.

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