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U-turns and agile

I went for a long bike ride the other day. I don’t know the areas outside of Munich very well, so I spent some time planning my route so I could use turn-by-turn navigation to guide me. As I’ve done similar rides in the past, I’m familiar with the roads and towns, just not the details like which exit on the round-about to take in each town.

While on the ride, I realized that I missed a few specific roads that connect a couple towns that are very bike friendly, so I turned off the planned route. My navigation told me “Re-routing, take a u-turn.” I pushed on, because I knew the road would eventually take me back to the original route. 10 seconds later, “Re-routing, take a u-turn.” I was still confident of my new path. For the next 3 km my navigation told me every 15 seconds “Re-routing, take a u-turn” until I finally pedaled far enough that the navigation realized I was going the right way.

While this was happening, I was thinking that this is a good example of agile. I started with a plan for a 2 hour bike ride, with a clearly planned route. Along the way, I gathered new data (I visually saw a different road) and changed the route based on that information. I was confident that this new route was better, but my navigation told me to turn around, go back, I made a wrong turn. My new information told me differently and I was confident changing the route was the best thing to do.

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